Welcome to the Unity Bubble

When first hearing about the Unity Bubble, some say it sounds too good to be true. But it is true, as hundreds have experienced in over 16 countries around the world.

What is the Unity Bubble?

The Unity Bubble came about in response to a profound yearning and desire by Jonathan to end personal suffering on the planet. The Unity Bubble itself is a sealed, energetic "space" created by Jonathan in concert with a collective of Original Source, Higher Beings, presenting as “Unity” over a period of several years. It is designed to facilitate and accelerate smooth personal transformation, helping you become, and be, who you truly are - then reveals the truth behind your ultimate purpose here. Once permenantly put in place, it sets the stage for full transformation through the infusion of the remaining five energetic protocols, each building on the previous one, in order to assist you in achieving your fullest state: that of becoming fully aware. "in the world...but not of it."

Who would benefit most from having one?

The Unity Bubble is designed to assist all human beings to end suffering should they so choose.. There is, however, one specific group that resonates naturally with it, known as “Divine Travelers”. If you find that you resonate with the general characteristics of a Divine Traveler found in Jonathan's book, The Universe Project, you may very well be one… Click HERE to find out if you are. 


The design and purpose of The Unity Bubble is to gently remove the condition of human suffering at the deepest level and replace it with a profound sense of peace and self-acceptance through its powerful infusions of Divine Qualities of Consciousness. 

It was designed as a lasting spiritual, transformational vehicle, whose space originates from outside the boundaries of time and space from whence all real transformation proceeds and is fully able to positively transmute every trait that is out of alignment with the intended unfolding of the "I Am Consciousness".

The space was spiritually engineered to support only positive qualities and is in alignment with Universal Principles. Any negative qualities or characteristics within any person who receives a Unity Bubble are left without support - no place to grow - and gradually dissolve and are released.

Beyond the removal of all negative vibrations, additional positive qualities, or "infusions", have been added to the Unity Bubble.  The Bubble creates a sense of peace, contentment, vitality, self-knowing, self-trust, self-confidence, respect, heart centered motivations, and healthy boundaries. This becomes the personal living space of the newly “Bubbled” individual.  .

The Process

The unfolding of the Unity Bubble process is a unique, intimate, very personal time for each individual. It leads one from the head to where one becomes able to both feel and act from the heart, This Truth is unmistakable.

The Unity Bubble is a complete, perfect space which works together with the specifically with an individual at a pace and depth suitable to them. until there is nothing negative left. Every layer, each aspect, is gently and effectively removed as the recipient of the Unity Bubble "chooses" to let go and move forward.

The Unity Bubble supports all behaviors, motivations and intentions which are in positive alignment with Consciousness. In other words, it supports all that is good and True for the benefit of “Self” and the development of the human family. The Result: a deep, pure acceptance of Self and all beings who inhabit this Universe, and a feeling that…

“This is all I need”.


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