In November, 2016, Jonathan passed from his earthly life.  

Although he is no longer incarnate, the work continues.  

Jonathan's legacy of the Unity Bubble and Protocols will help move humanity forward into a new way of being.

For a list of Facilitators who are authorized to transmit The Unity Bubble to others click here.

What is the Unity Bubble PROGRAM?

The Unity Bubble Program came about in response to a profound yearning and desire by Jonathan to end personal suffering on the planet. The Unity Bubble itself, is a sealed, energetic "space" created by Jonathan in concert with a collective of Original Source, Higher Beings, presenting as “Unity”. It is designed to facilitate and accelerate smooth personal transformation. It helps you become, and be, who you truly are - revealing the truth behind your ultimate purpose here.

Once permanently in place, it sets the stage for full transformation through the infusion of the remaining five energetic protocols. Each builds on the previous one, in order to assist in achieving your fullest state: that of becoming fully aware.

"In the world... but not of it."


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