An excerpt from Jonathan Davies’ book, The Universe Project

The Unity Bubble is designed to assist all human beings in ending suffering, though one specific group resonates more naturally with it, known as “Divine Travelers”. 

"At the birth of the Atomic Age a new group of spirit essence Beings began their descent to earth. They came to help. Although their numbers are small, less than one-tenth of one percent, their presence here is a very potent addition to the gene pool of humanity.

Each one has been born of earthly parents, in the same way as the natural human population. Their original spirit nature, however, is from dimensions 5 through 8. As everyone here, they have shared the rites of passage to adulthood. At the core of their Being though, they have felt different in indefinable ways. They have a real sense that they are not from here.

I must categorically state at this point that the two divisions amongst humankind are not better than or less than, simply different in both capacity and purpose. Each is provided the greatest equal opportunity program ever invented... to fulfill the measure of one's own creation, and have joy therein.

One of the commonalities of those, whose essence nature is of a higher realm, is an indefinable feeling of having a great work to do here. Almost all share this inner urge to do something wonderful on behalf of others. This makes perfect sense as one realizes that the dimension from whence they came is very much a shared experience of intimate connection. Individuation exists, though it is rather more unimportant than here. It also is why this world is a major challenge.

One might think that those Divine Travelers would have life by the tail, experiencing only continuous successes. The truth of this sentiment is actually the exact opposite. Earth is a very different environment than their native dimension. Things, circumstance and situations prove extremely challenging. The physical body can be exceptionally difficult. Individual experience provides the most intense and riveting adventure available anywhere!

There are two main reasons why the Divine Travelers are present now.

  • Number one is to experience a fully human life and all that it entails. They share in aspects unavailable in other dimensions. Pain, loss, adversity are all the ingredients for development of strength of character and uniqueness of personality.

  • Number two is to do the internal work upon themselves, whereby they can provide a necessary boost to elevate the mass consciousness of mankind. The alleviation of ancient sticky patterns and incorrect associations is more easily assuaged as they input corrected patterns upon the collective Consciousness. They have a purifying effect.

In the words of the Master,

"They came to be the salt of the earth". It only takes a pinch to savor the dish - and they pepper the entire spectrum of race, creed, color and gender."

- Jonathan Davies, Author of The Universe Project and I Came to Work with Angels Trilogy.