Although Jonathan has passed from this earthly life, his work continues on.  He left his legacy of The Unity Bubble so many could benefit and move humanity forward to the next level.

Jonathan Davies is the Creator of the Unity Bubble. From an early age he knew he was different from most without understanding how or why. "Why?" has been and still is, his very favourite question. Many wonderful people were put in his sphere to assist and guide him. His own journey led him to discover much about life streams and dimensions and his own place therein. These findings are presented in his first book, The Universe Project.

He was guided to provide a means for humanity to end suffering and evolve consciously. The Unity Bubble is the result of his endeavours to achieve this.


Hazel also received the authorization to transmit the Protocols as well as The Unity Bubble itself.  She feels honoured and privileged to be able to carry Jonathan's work forward.

Being a Healer is where Hazel feels most at home. Her greatest joy comes from knowing she has contributed to someone else's journey.

As a young person, life felt very uncomfortable for her as she just did not fit in with the "normal" things expected of her. She developed many coping mechanisms which eventually proved very useful to organize and ground Jonathan’s spiritual work.

“I greatly cherish my husband and mentor, Jonathan, with whose unwavering help I have been able to become comfortable in my own skin.” – Hazel Davies 


When asked who they were, "Unity" answered:

"We speak as One. We are a collective of Conscious Beings brought together to focus our attention on the condition of humanity and the evolutionary unfolding of Consciousness. We span all levels. We are inclusive.

Our purpose in coming together was to find a simple solution to negativity and misalignment and to assist in the development of a process that would end imposed suffering, starting at the human level.

This Creation is for the good of all who wish to partake of it.

We are Unity."

The process evolved through questions and enactments by Jonathan ending in what is now named the Unity Bubble.