As the Unity Bubble dissolves negative alignment, trapped energy is released. Life begins to flow, energy is renewed and deep, profound feelings re-appear along with a deeper sense of peace. All sense of angst is eliminated. The Unity Bubble also provides for proper boundaries as well as removing any guilt, shame or blame. Conflicts become a distant memory, no longer triggering negative emotional reactions.

Faster Manifestation:

We all manifest according to our underlying unconscious programs. If negative programming is present, it continues to bleed through in our moment to moment life manifestations. The Unity Bubble dissolves the negative programming so you manifest all that is desired - without the negative additions.   

Self Confidence:

Doubt, shame, guilt and control are a few of the limiting patterns that interfere with self-confidence. The Unity Bubble addresses these, right down to the core, so you become confident in whatever you choose to do.

Joy of Living:

If we hold on to the past or worry about the future we are not able to live in the present. Regrets from the past and fear of our future stops us from enjoying our lives now. The Unity Bubble dissolves these limiting traits. Judgment, control and negative ego are transformed so you can live your life to the fullest.

No Resistance:

If you are on a path of spiritual growth you will understand that resistance is the glue that stops forward movement. As your Bubble process unfolds, resistances become less and reactions diminish as the issues are dissolved. Suffering becomes distant and life becomes as it was originally meant to be: joyful and present.

If you are a Healer:

Having a Unity Bubble you will be more connected to your Divine Self and therefore be clearer in what is required to help your clients in the very best way. You will be protected from any negative energies released from your client. There will be no need to constantly “clear” yourself either before or after sessions.

If you have Health Issues:

Energy that is "stuck" or not flowing causes dis-ease.

If you are a Creator with an orientation towards Art or Business:

Creating your experience in full accordance with your Soul's intentions becomes a way of life. It becomes effortless. Faster manifestation of desires happens as "all your butterflies are flying in formation!" Your own true desires manifest... free of the limiting or discordant desires of others. With the dissolution of fear, down to the very core, you are able to fully give your gifts.