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level one:

Has the ability to transmit the Unity Bubble to others.

level two:  

Has the ability to transmit the Bubble and Protocols to others.

master level:

Has the ability to authorize others for all levels.

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HAZEL DAVIES, Master Level: ON. CANADA and worldwide

Hazel Davies is a Spiritual Healer, Guide and Mentor. "I feel very privileged to have been authorized by my late husband, Jonathan Davies, to pass on his legacy of the Unity Bubble Program to others searching for greater self-knowledge and transformation. I work with clients privately or in groups as well as on-line. I am also available to talk about the Bubble and the history behind its creation. My main focus when working with clients is to move them forward quickly and gracefully. It would be my honour to enable that for you”. www.hazeldavies.com

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TRACY BERNARDOS, Level One: New south wales, Australia

"It is the most life changing thing you'll ever do so stop waiting and do it! What do you have to lose? It's an amazing gift that I hope everyone gets to enjoy one day". Tracy is also passionate and very knowledgeable about doTERRA essential oils. Contact her to learn more. www.mydoterra.com/tracybenardos

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Knowing the power of the Bubble to help one deal with life in a more balanced, loving and creative manner, it is an honour and a blessing to be able to transmit its power to others who are seeking “a better, safer and easier way”. With the help of modern technology, I can transmit it to all who wish to avail of its transformative potential, including family & friends in my home country, Ireland. As a Reiki Master, I look forward to being able to offer the Bubble to people I work with who wish to have one, having learned of its capacity to greatly enhance one's quality of life.

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NATALIA BRAJAK, Levels One & Two: Guelph, ON. CANADA

I like to say, “it’s all God to me”. And so it is. All of my journeys with yoga, healing, therapy and medicine work over the last 20 years have led to this profound way of honouring my true, authentic spiritual and human paths. The Unity Consciousness work supports all other work unconditionally for the highest good of all inclusively. The source of all is within and I feel a wholeness that was only a concept before. So many missing pieces have come together through this work. The Unity Bubble calls to those who are not satisfied with complacency and are ready to take real and creative responsibility for their lives on a whole new level. The opportunity to reclaim your birthright, bond with your purpose and create Heaven on Earth is here now. I welcome you to connect with me through nataliabrajak.com where we can begin one of the most important conversations of your life. No prerequisites. I am co-founder of Moksha yoga, Level 3 ELDOA certified, spiritual psychotherapist intern and certifying as an Enneagram Narrative teacher in service with gratitude

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BENOIT CARPENT, Level One: Belgium

Benoît is the founder of gods in business: a business school assisting human beings in becoming sovereign & creating a rich, open and sustainable future. “Trained as an engineer, I quickly felt the call to create my own path. After a quest researching spirituality, new sciences, launching a start-up I became part of physics who had developed a new model of reality. I was responsible for developing the business models of the future. Today, I am focused on helping people uncover their truth and their value (which is the same) and serve the world through business.”



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ORSON BOON, level one: LONDON, U.K.

After experiencing a profound plant medicine retreat, I was introduced to Hazel and the Unity Bubble while I was looking for deeper answers about understanding myself, that no one seemed to be able to help me with – I can only say that since receiving the bubble my life has changed for the better – and I now feel humbled and privileged to be able to past this beautiful gift onto my clients and friends.

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JAN CLIFFE, Level one: Campbell River, B.C. CANADA

"My Bubble has made things about myself and my issues and about the world in general so much clearer. My world is so peaceful and joyous most of the time since being Bubbled. Nothing troubles me for long as I can get to the root and resolve it. I would love others to be able to share this wonderful gift. I’m excited to carry on Jonathan's legacy and for the day when there are enough souls bubbled to change the world consciousness".

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Renata Duma, Level One: Toronto, ON. CANADA

“I am deeply honoured and grateful to have been given authorization to offer The Unity Bubble to others who are open and willing to receive it and benefit from its multi-fold and ongoing protection and vital transformational assistance. I would be honoured in assisting you with your journey in any way I possibly can”. To read more about Renata’s Bubble experience, click here.

Renata is the CEO and Founder of MEDITATION.WORKS, where she shares her Guided Meditations and offers Meditation Workshops to the Corporate world.

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Athena Hagen, Levels One & Two: Guelph, On. CANADA

"Having found clarity, purpose, peace of mind and of body through this program, it is with gratitude and great pleasure that I am able to share the Unity Bubble with others. Please contact me at www.athenahagen.ca for more information on individual and group sessions. It would be an honour to support you on your journey."

Stephen Hagen, Level One: The Sunshine Coast, B.C. CANADA

"I have decided to give bubbles because I really like mine. It's more of a love story really. A love for myself, then everything else. Unity Bubble was so helpful (still is) in seeing things from the heart. Together, I have gone from surviving to thriving. This is why I wish to share".



“I’m a scientist at heart, with a strong intuitive and creative side. I’ve oscillated between science and creativity all my life because I could not find a pursuit that adequately blended the two whilst challenging me at the same time. On a whim I decided to give Hazel a go. I decided to get “A Bubble” – whatever the heck that meant! It was divine timing for sure because my life has not been the same ever since. Whilst the healer in me still believes that Reiki and other healing modalities are a beautiful one-way flow of energy for healing and relaxation, the scientist in me recognizes that The Unity Bubble is truly a spiritual technology that was created in two-way conversations between gifted humans and “other beings”. It was created specifically for the purpose of easing the suffering of the human condition. All you have to do is learn how to use it. What a gift! I look forward to helping you transmute your pain into the joy and freedom of a life well-lived.” http://www.therelaxationspace.com.au theunitybubble@westnet.com.au www.theunitybubble.com.au

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I am a social worker and I have several years experience with meditation and different energy modalities. I have seen amazing transformations both for myself and the people I have worked with using the Unity Bubble and the Protocols. I highly recommend this system for your self healing and self development. This system will assist you in moving forward successfully and happily with your life. Please contact me to work with you as you transform your life.

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UMBERTO LIRONI, Level One: Europe

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Reena Parikh, RYT/L.H.P is the CEO and founder of Ethera Wellness. She is a certified Success Coach, Stress Management Specialist, and Transformational Healer. She uses an integrated approach that combines coaching practices, energy healing, as well as guided visualizations to bring you to a loving and compassionate state of wholeness. She is very excited to be able to offer the Unity Bubble as it has been a catalyst for tremendous growth and transformation in her own life. You can learn more about her at http://www.etherawellness.com

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Lawrence Pitchko, Level One: Toronto (Downtown), On. CANADA

"It was my great privilege to know Jonathan Davies for over twenty years. He saw me through a near death experience and for years afterwards I explored the fundamentals of spirit and connection to consciousness. I am blessed to carry on his work in this capacity of giving forth the Unity Bubble. Our time is the time of ascension and as the realm moves into a higher dimension it behooves us to let go of the detritus of our past and thereby free ourselves to be the persons we truly are. Here is a technology to help us forward. I am in downtown Toronto and ready to help you take possession of your life in strength and joy".

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Julie Stephens, Level One: San Francisco Area, California. U.S.A.

"When I received my Bubble it had such an immediate impact on how felt and significantly expanded my ability to witness my own reactions and emotions from moment to moment. I began to let go of the heavy burdens I was carrying and right at the three month mark I felt my heart expand with more compassion and love, it was the biggest ‘Ahhhhh” feeling I had ever experienced. The bubble is such a amazing tool that when the opportunity came to allow me to give it to others there was no hesitation in my knowing that this is something I wanted to share with others. Over the years after bubbling many people and all types of creatures, I’ve realized how much it’s given me the opportunity to really understand that giving truly is receiving, not just from my mind but to actually feel and experience it... so beautiful!"

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Rick Wilson, Levels One & Two: Toronto, On. CANADA

Rick Wilson is a life-long spiritual seeker, retired from a successful career as an IT Executive and Program Manager in large international banks and global technology corporations. He underwent a personal transformation through working directly with Jonathan Davies. Rick is drawn to working face-to-face with senior executives and corporate leaders seeking meaningful change in life direction while continuing in their roles of responsibility: Increasingly harnessing your enormous human will and your personal power towards the pursuit of spiritual objectives; Exploring and rediscovering the role of personal emotion and of feeling as part of your spiritual path, in balance with the learned approach of suppressing feelings adopted in the pursuit of personal corporate advancement.

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georgina windover, level one: bolton, on. CANADA

I've been practicing various types of energy healing for many years now.  When I received my Unity Bubble and The Protocols I found that it helped me to bring up and release issues that were deeply buried.  I feel lighter, happier and more confident.  I am excited to now be able to offer this life changing experience to others.

To enhance the energy of The Unity Bubble I am also certified in the following:

  • Certified Life Coach with clients across Canada

  • Energy Healer - modalities include Reiki, Pranic Healing, Tapping,

  • Reiki Master

  • Certified Soul Realignment - Akashic Records

  • Certified Yoga Teacher

  • Angel Card Reading

Too often people get comfortable in unhealthy and limiting situations.  I can help you get “unstuck” from limiting beliefs that inhibit your personal growth.  And can help you to begin making positive changes in your life. Unleash Your Full Potential Now!