The following is a sampling of the many letters that Jonathan and Hazel have received from individuals sharing their Bubble experiences. The most recent are at the top of the selections. Enjoy!

“It has been a blessing to have met Hazel Davies and be introduced to The Unity Bubble. This process has allowed me to cultivate my personal transformation by being acutely aware of my prior programmed belief system, habitual thoughts and patterns. Hazel provides me with the guidance and awareness to choose the positive thoughts that serve me and surrender the negative frequency thoughts to the Unity Bubble. While providing a safe container during one to one and group sessions, it allows me, as well as others, to be vulnerable enough to share their current life experience. Hazel is then able to provide alternative perspectives and insight to the thoughts, beliefs or patterns I may not see. With this support and using the 8-step system, I am able to continue to cultivate my journey to see my true SELF.

At times while going through this process, it was extremely challenging and unpleasant to see my repetitive old belief system and habits, even thinking I was done with being strangled by my thoughts and the bubble had taken care of all of my issues or upsets, it was underlying disbelief in the Bubble, in that moment, that would lead me astray. The truth is, that it is repetitive practice and the Bubble is always with me! Once I chose to send that prior programming there again, I felt the immediate positive effects of new rewired neural pathways. The Bubble’s always in the background, like a trusted friend. My old self, and its twisted thoughts never go away but they do soften and have limited power over me so I can choose differently, with positivity, from my true SELF. With Hazel’s support, guidance and effective transmission of the Unity Bubble, I am opening to my most authentic life and know that I am performing optimally.

If you are open to doing the WORK, the benefits are miraculous. Thank you Hazel, I am looking forward to our next tune up session”. - Greg Urban, Professional Educator: Ontario College of Teachers, Certified Meditation and Yoga Instructor, Small Business Owner (2018)

“The bubble, which I called the 2nd sacred realm, it’s omnipresent. This energy, constant, it comes in on high frequencies. These higher and higher frequencies are magnificent because they capture the highest octaves of heaven – and the highest translation of soul language. Sometimes we experience them as tonic in our ears.” - Kevin Smith, Guelph Mystic and Therapist - 2018

“The Unity Bubble has held me in a comforting and sacred space while bringing up any issues to be cleared away. I felt them emerge from my essence quietly, quickly and fiercely. There was no denying what needed to be done. After a couple months of releasing, I feel more free and the layers that weighed me down were lifted and vanished into the light. I am more authentically Me. I feel connected to source energy more than ever before and I feel source's guidance in my life, loud and clear.

I have even overcome my fear of public speaking! I wowed myself and others at my workplace as I gave an incredible presentation with confidence while thoughts and ideas were flowing elegantly from my being and out of my mouth. I was never able to accomplish this task with such grace and inner wisdom flowing effortlessly through me before.

This is the result of my healed inner child who I was finally able to integrate into my essence and who is finally a part of me I have Hazel and the Unity Bubble to thank for this healing that falls nothing short of magical for me”.

- Maria, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 2018

“Having received my Unity Bubble and subsequent protocols in 2015 from Jonathan C. R. Davies, along with Hazel’s incredibly insightful “visions” with each protocol, I cannot express my profound gratitude for this grace and these gifts deeply enough. My ongoing evolution over the past almost four years, and subsequent growth experiences and expressions (both internal and external) are proof positive that Jonathan’s Unity Bubble and Protocols are not only highly effective protective mechanisms, they are the most powerful transformational tools available to anyone today, leading the bubble recipient to the refined “self”; the self that exists beyond egoic constructs beyond society’s narratives, love and thrives on freedom and a thoroughly fulfilling life in service to others.

Personally, highlights of areas of change and/or refinement of my being include a far greater ease in being present on Gaia, the dissulution of the drama and “stories” that would drive my existence, the transformation of my constant angst to compassionate understanding and acceptance of the ultimate perfection in all things in the Creator’s realms, the understanding that I will never understand everything in 3D, and the grace that accompanies that and the total surrender to being in “the flow of creation”, the gift of new, highly fulfilling and interesting relationships with like-minded souls, a far greater and deeper relationship with my daughter, the ongoing ability to “check in” when challenges arise and the ability to see them as part of the evolutionary preocess and release them with love when it is time to do so, and ultimately, the ability to co-create with the Universe for the highest and greatest good of all - and in service to all. Not to mention the new pure joy of living! Gaia is, after all, for us to enjoy!

In the love and light of the One Infinite Creator, and in gratitude for all and everything.”

- Renata Duma, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 2018

For Jonathan and Hazel who have changed my life forever,

Since the day I was told about the bubble until now, my life has become so rich, fun and mostly simple because things now just happen and they happen in accordance to MY purest truth.

The bubble has given me peace of mind, openness and freedom, the freedom to accept myself for who I am. The ability to go with the flow of life and attract just what I need to thrive.

The experience of this unique space is almost not to put in words... The results are very feeling based, subtle but at the same time very obvious in the physical world, abundance and beauty are all around me in many ways.

I am so grateful for this incredible gift for getting to know Jonathan and Hazel and for their unconditional guidance during this process of intense transformation. My forever gratitude and love to both!

With so much Love…

- An, Satu Energy, Thailand/Nepal - February 2016

Hi Jonathan,
Thank you for your loving kindness over the years since I first received my bubble in 2010. Each protocol has been more subtle as a sensed feeling rather than words. The more the protocols the less the words. Today's anti-angst protocol from you, and Hazel's vision, have aligned me deeply to my "Big Paul" passion to be of service; the image of the stage lit up in a brilliant light that I can create any backdrop as a way to bring this forth the power to be me - my complete self. I am in awe of what will transpire next. I know it from being myself detached from ego as to the service ahead.
You and Hazel have been truly wonderful and full of love that has radiated to and through me. Many thanks for being such large energetic beings committed to making things come into alignment with the higher power of "I am consciousness". Many, many thanks. I am in such gratitude to you both.

Much love, always...

- Paul Hyman, President, Brain Fitness International, Toronto, February 2015

“This work introduces one to one's life, with compassion, understanding, but without blame.

I am not looking for a solution. I am looking from the solution. I am the solution.”

- Lawrence Pitchko, Toronto, Canada - 2014

Since receiving the Unity Bubble and completing all five protocols, I now know who I really am... and what I came here to do. Now I simply get out of the way and just AM - in total ease, in joy and in abundance!

My new life is incomparable to my previous life which was strewn with endless struggles, continual loss, abusive relationships in one form or another, what seemed like endless pain and suffering, all sewn together with threads of constant angst, deep underlying sorrow and a sense of just not belonging here - or anywhere for that matter. Having now happily completed all the protocols, and having had the Anti-Angst protocol for several months now, I can't even remember that previous life any more, and I could not ask for anything more beyond what I have received having completed all the protocols, namely an unshakeable and profound sense of peace and a new-found playfulness with all and everything!

Since receiving the Unity Bubble, many positive changes have occurred, too many to recount. Curiously, as I moved through the protocols, the changes and experiences grew subtler and subtler still. Some so profound that I am at a loss for words to describe them. There were also many very palpable, positive changes, among them my relationship with my 19 year old daughter; what was a very difficult relationship since her early teens has transformed into a totally loving relationship built on deep love, trust and mutual respect - and we have become closer than I could have ever hoped for.

Thank you Sir B (my Bubble), Jonathan and Hazel, from the very depths of my being, for unveiling, and continuing to unveil, one by one, the myriad of universal truths - that are at play on this planet and beyond - to me and to other graduates of the Bubble Program. Through your unique, deeply profound and courageous work, you have allowed me (and others on the same path) to enter into the true service in which we are now; for myself, the answer to a lifetime of yearning to be just that... and to be free to just BE... at last! Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you...!!!

- Renata Duma, Toronto, Canada - 2015

“Jonathan's program is a huge dive into the depths of BEING where inner peace and calmness can be found. Thanks for showing me the way. Thanks for guiding me home.”

- Ric, The Netherlands - 2014

“Before I was given the beautiful gift of the bubble and the transformational energy it carries, I was extremely burnt out, overly emotional, and very anxious. Within a short time, I was calmer, about to move through emotional stress much easier and with more acceptance, and felt more connected, grounded, and solid with myself. As a result my motivation, confidence, and inspiration increased which helped support my business. Thank you so much.”

- Peggy Ness, BC, Canada - 2014

“Looking back over the past 16 months since I received a Unity Bubble and the 4 protocols, some major shifts have occurred to greatly enhance the quality of my life.

Overcoming anxiety and resistance was really transformative.    

Now that many of the self-imposed filters and blocks that had paralyzed me for years have been removed, life flows more freely.    

I now find myself capable of acting on prompts that I ignored for years, as I allow myself to be guided more by the heart than the head.   

The result has been a welcome increase in my sense of personal power.   How nice to know that the thinking and feeling habits of a lifetime can be changed!”

- Margaret, Ontario, Canada - 2014

“My husband and I are so thankful we got the Bubble! It was tangibly evident after the loss of our beloved dog. We grieved, but only for a day and a half--then we felt great! Instead of feeling pain and suffering whenever we thought of her after that, we only had wonderful, happy memories. I can easily say that the Bubble relieved our suffering from her loss by 90%. (It also reduced our suffering while we were treating her for cancer.) EVERYONE should get a Bubble, but especially if they are in the process or anticipating losing someone close to them. We are deeply grateful to Jonathan and Hazel for the Bubble!”

- Susan and Paul, Oklahoma, USA - 2014

“Unity Bubble : "The peaceful inner knowing of not needing to worry about psychic protection anymore is priceless."

Flow Now : "Whenever resistance showed up I knew that it would go away eventually which helped me watching it instead of acting upon it"

Breaking the Bonds: "It felt as a sort of paternal approval that it's ok to let go..."

Open Heart: "Before I understood we were all divine, but now I can see it."

Anti-Angst: "Weird sensation that static noise on the background suddenly is gone. Like going from analog to digital."

And Hazel & Jonathan worked on a child issue I unconsciously carried which manifested chaotic eating patterns resulting in acid reflux. Since this was a blind spot for me I could not resolve it by meditating or treating myself. I quit smoking and drinking alcohol years ago and remain as such without effort. I wondered why my eating pattern couldn't be as effortless. I kept eating at inconvenient hours food that I knew was not nutritious, but rather emotional compensation, yet I could not see the real why. After 2 sessions with Hazel & Jonathan, they pointed my awareness towards understanding and accepting something I could not see before. My eating pattern shifted without effort and acid reflux is almost completely gone."

- “U” Belgium, 2014

“I started my journey of Spiritual Growth in earnest back in 1992 and spent a lot of time meditating accompanied by a myriad of other methods to know and experience my Total Self.  While I went through many growth “spurts,” they took a lot of time and with a lot of “hit and miss.” I wanted my spiritual growth to be more of a “set and forget” process.  

I met and began to work with Jonathan and Hazel many years ago and my progress accelerated greatly. I decided to receive the Unity Bubble with all the transmissions and my growth skyrocketed even more.  

Issues and burdens were lifted and I now have an “everything will be alright” perspective. I feel less stress in my life and have a sense of freedom that is difficult, if not impossible, to put into words.  

Many people have noticed a positive change in me but are unable to exactly figure out what. Who I am today is a far cry of who I was when I started my journey; I am much better for it.  

The Unity Bubble and each transmission all had different sensations. Some felt subtle and quiet, some unnoticeable, others were more dramatic. Life infinitely is more enjoyable and easier to navigate with an abundance of pleasant and wonderful surprises along with the way.  

I have always rejoiced in my decision to receive the Unity Bubble with all the transmissions and I am eternally grateful to have met and worked with Jonathan and Hazel.”

- ESK (Toronto, Canada), 2014

“It's been great so far. I've felt subtle shifts as well as substantial shifts in perspective and/or experience. What stands out most is the ease at which I'm experiencing the shifts.

I feel as though the first few days the Bubble was effectively making a lot of major shifts, or perhaps doing some major spring cleaning. At some points it was like negative thoughts were literally being sucked out of me, sucked out with, I'll call it, a "palpably pleasing U.B. plunger". A tangible sensation which made me laugh out loud. And, what was really cool, the second the bubble started withdrawing the thought I forgot all about it or I let it go. The Bubble was saying "you're done with this", I felt into this and found no need to argue.

It is a true joy, feeling and knowing, that nothing negative is accepted in the space. I feel more compassionate and am quicker to sympathize, or, maybe what's more relevant is that I'm not focusing on myself when dealing with others. I feel I have less or nothing to sort through, both emotionally and intellectually within myself in the moment, so I can be in better service to those I encounter, which I desire.

The Unity Bubble is truly helping me to experience something new. Such an amazing gift for the Universe. In regards to Hazel's question about self-mastery, my immediate insight, clearer as of late, is the word 'simplicity'. When I experience myself as that conscious point of awareness coupled with simplicity I feel as though I've come to, lived in and just begun. From here I'm only interested in my hearts words teaching me about the point of creation and of choice.

What can happen in 3 to 6 months of unfolding? A lot I'm thinking. I'm really curious about what others may be experiencing. I read all the testimonials, liked them. What I would love to know more about is the daily experiences people have with their Bubbles or how they connect with it and make relationships. I'd love to know what kind of things people say to their Bubbles, for example, I say things like: "I look forward to my whole existence with you", and I'm always so thankful.  I've had the Unity Bubble for a week and a half and have become so excited and so curious. Thank you again!" 

- Shawn, Toronto, Canada    

“I would like to thank you both for the gift that you both allowed in my life. It has been six months ago that I have had the Bubble.    

I started to notice changes after three weeks and, I mean profound changes. In six weeks there was even a greater change in my life.      My teenage daughter who has always fought with me and, has made it clear that she doesn't care to have me as a mother has become the most loving child a mother could ever want.    

For the past four years I have been going through major changes in my life. Deep emotional changes that I thought had no way of healing.    

Things that used to hurt me and cause me pain are now just a passing moment.  I found that the impossible is now the possible.      

I am a more balanced person. When I am around people, I find it amazing how much they want to be with me and, this includes the people in my life and relationships which I thought would never be able to work out.    

I still have my moments but, it doesn't last. I just want to say it was the best gift that someone could have given to me.    

Thank you again Jonathan and Hazel. Everything is possible when we find our way.

- Leela, Florida US      

“I met Hazel and Jonathan 2 or 3 years ago in North Bay. They helped me understand and deal with my personal issues. Some issues that I have dealt with for many years finally made me realize and made me feel that it was time to let them go. The work they have done for me is unbelievable, it is hard to explain, one has to experience it to understand what I mean. I believe they both work from the heart and they show they care for those they help. I also believe that the Creator puts people in your path when you are ready to receive the help you need and I believe He put Hazel and Jonathan at the time when I was in need of someone who can understand me.    

Not only was I going through personal issues, I was also going through things spiritually, which I could not comprehend. They both understood what I was experiencing. I was grateful that I finally found someone who could explain and tell me about my experiences.  Since I met them, I feel more confident about myself and see life in a positive perspective.      

I have seen Hazel and Jonathan help others transform their lives with remarkable results. It is amazing in what they can do. Like I said, you have to experience it in order to understand what I mean and I cannot explain in words with what they can do".

- Patricia Menarick, 2008, Mental Health Program Planning, Programming and Research Officer for Residential Schools for the Cree Health Board    

“My entire existence and experience of life is forever changed for the better, because of your courageous dedication to the work you are both doing.     

My heartfelt and deepest gratitude is extended also to all of Unity, the High Beings who created our physical form in the beginning; in the dark and in the light. All things now truly are possible for me because of your combined efforts; the universal magnitude of which I will NEVER fully comprehend.    

Tears come to my eyes as I write this because I am moved and have been profoundly touched on the deepest levels.    

I never thought that I could or would ever experience ‘feeling' on such deep levels in this extraordinary and beautiful way;  I had resigned myself to my experiences of life remaining on the surface.    

For the first time, life is now taking on profound depth, surpassing anything I could have ever imagined or dreamed up.    

The love of yourselves and of the higher beings you work with and who I too am now connecting with, is the most soothing, safe and comfortable warm blanket, that I have ever had enveloped around me.    

There is no greater experience than to know on all levels how deeply cherished and adored I am; by all of you.    

Language is not sufficient to express my feelings and so, I will carry on and allow the feelings of my experience to flow over into others' experience of me. In that way, the Universe will receive my gratitude.    

I also understand that this journey did not come easily for either of you. I love you and I thank you for your courage, determination and dedication as you persevered through your own challenges and learning curve in order to now offer the rest of us The Gift of Grace, The Unity Bubble.    

With Love…

-Christine, Ontario, Canada 

“I have become so unconcerned with minute issues and even great ones - everything is manageable and solutions within my reach.    

I feel a sense of calm and contentment.  I feel more attuned to other people, to the connections I make with them, more present in conversation and even in silence.  I am aware of my body and every nerve in it.    

I am open and wide-eyed and accepting.  I am free of confinement - both of the self and society - and instead feel a weightlessness that is actually quite profound.    

I feel ageless! As though I've lived countless lives and have many more to live.    

I will spend next fall applying for the universities I've always wanted to attend because, thanks to you, I'm no longer afraid of anything - least of all my voice and other talents which I've been hiding from for years.    

I thank you wholeheartedly with love and fondness…”   

- Heather, Toronto, Ontario, Canada    

“Describe Unity Bubble? I feel like I am back in the classroom, writing an answer to an exam.    

Words cannot begin to describe what Unity Bubble is. And, this is coming from someone who has been told by many that I have been granted the gift of words.  How can vocabulary, which is finite in nature, explain, describe or express something that is without words?    

For those wishing for or desiring a description of Unity Bubble, I will try to leave you with a few words that I feel best express the moments and feelings that have accompanied me on my Unity Bubble journey:  Serenity, peace, joy, contentment, grace, clarity, reunion, one, acceptance, liberated, love, sacredness, compassion, forgiveness, imperturbability, illumination, richness, freedom, confidence, unflappable, wonder, connectedness, rooted, solid, eternal, exuberance, enthusiasm, energized, centered, fun, bliss, friendly, balanced, organic, ageless… sigh. Even after re-reading these words, still they cannot adequately or appropriately describe the richness that accompanies Unity Bubble. And, what is nice is that these feelings continue after the process is complete.    

What was the process like? That is another good question. And, again, it is hard to describe.    

Events and happenings might be whipping around like a storm on the outside but there was always that growing kernel where a quiet, calm and knowing voice would say "I am safe. I am secure."      

Superfluous or unnecessary things, such as thought patterns and behaviours, were being washed away. Blockages were cleared.    

In retrospect, I cannot understand why I had held on to these for so long.    

What was fascinating and exhilarating about the process was that I was observing myself, my thoughts, my actions and my reactions all from within.  The Unity Bubble is experiential, a fascinating journey in and of discovery of your highest Self.  You get to know the real You

The You that was hidden behind masks, hurts, walls, positions, opinions or stances... whether they be yours or from others.    

Truths are subtly revealed.    

Other observations include, to my surprise, a changed appetite. I appreciate and feel kinder toward my body. My food addictions have begun to abate and I feel it is only a matter of time before I finally let go of them.  I feel my body structurally aligning, my eyesight strengthening, and other systems and ecologies gradually coming back "on-line."    

People have noticed a change in me. Some people actually have commented they feel more grounded after talking or being with or around me.  Gone is the façade or expectation of trying to be everything to everyone.    

Not only do I find myself becoming more and more totally natural and spontaneous, others who are around me find themselves as well - a very freeing feeling. People like me for being me.    

You might be surprised to know that I am a middle-aged man who has been trained in many disciplines, including science, and, in many ways, consider myself empirical in nature. I am an observer. Facts and data seemed to be my "thing."    

For the scientific and factual minds out there, Unity Bubble is the ultimate experience.    

If I were to use scientific analogy: You put yourself in the theoretical equation and the conclusion is You - minus the detritus, the jetsam.  

You find that most exquisite gift that is You. You are that kernel I alluded to earlier. As a result,  I have never felt more free and more masculine and all without the testosterone-laden locker-room machismo!    

A few words to those who may think otherwise: There is nothing "New Age-y" or airy-fairy about the Unity Bubble.    

Unity Bubble is not dancing around bonfires in flowing garments singing "Kumbaya." If anything, you discover your internal (eternal?) Song.

As of this writing (February 2010), I am a new me. I feel calm, assured that all is working itself out. Life decisions are becoming easier and easier.      

Going and soon to be gone is the analysis-paralysis that has plagued me for the longest time    

A Dharma Brother signed a letter: "Be Calm. Be Peaceful. Be Happy." To this, I would like to add: "Just Be."    

I am thankful, grateful and appreciative for the ongoing and loving work of Jonathan and Hazel.    

God bless…”

- E.S.K., Canada 

“It has been 3 months since receiving the Unity Bubble and I have to say it is the greatest gift I have ever received!  I've always had great difficulty sleeping. It's now such a pleasure to know I will sleep each and every night.  Having felt stress for most of my life the calmness I feel is absolutely wonderful.”

In Gratitude and Love,
- LC - Richmond Hill, Ontario. Canada 

“Writing a précis of my new experience with the Unity Bubble is proving to be very difficult. The extraordinary events are many and emanate from the feeling realm both subtle and powerful and the results so far are really not transferable downwards into an interface or language.    

I will try to share my experience in three fundamental ways: the body, my behaviour and relationship with others and from the point of view of my ears, as I am a musician and have spent my life cultivating my hearing.

My body has become longer with an elongation of the spine and hence ion cleansing has subsequently removed a great deal of detritus from the joints.      

My blood pressure has become that of a "seventeen year old girl" so sayeth the doctors (110 over 70) and I'm 56 years old. I no longer however have the sex life of seventeen year old girl, nor her butt, but miracles do happen! Being in long time recovery from disseminated histo-plasmosis as a result of a massive HIV infection in 1998, I now have (as of Dec 2009) a CD-4 count of 30%, an achievement the doctors assured me in 1998 would never happen.    

Normal starts at 33%.

I am very calm and my skin has changed so that everyone comments on how youthful my complexion is, previously only achieved by tons of make up!

There is a sense of constant re-alignment and detoxification  as I do have a few bad habits, but only a few! No illness takes hold for more than a few hours although many around me are ill.

Secondly, let me relate what I hear, although words can never carry the meaning of sound!      

There is a relatively high pitched "seething", highly energized almost white sound high in my head. Very, very dense.    

This seems to occur at around 6000 to 8000 Hz. Inside is a "steel wire" of a higher pitch included within, yet distinct.    

It varies with intensity sometimes seemingly very present (working away on my tired old self) and sometimes more relaxed and distant.

The other day I had some music playing downstairs quietly and as I lay in bed I listened to the music but was aware of the bubble working overtime.      

The music had a stereoscopic image. I then covered one ear and the music lost its stereoscopic soundscape but the bubble did not! Then the other ear. Same.    

Then both ears, at which point the music disappeared but the bubble remained... unchanged. Crikey mate!  I was experiencing the bubble inside my head reminiscent of Tesla's neuro-phone.

That is what I hear, but I also am aware of the parameters of my body interacting with the bubble conjoining, sometimes being enveloped within and sometimes being surrounded by the bubble.  This connection if followed, feeling-wise, leads to a direct connection with what I perceive as the universe.    

A connection I have lusted after since I was a wee pervert, looking into the sky and feeling angered that I could not connect with something I loved.

Lastly, I will write of my behavioural changes and my new relationship with the world around me which includes humans.

It has taken me a few months to realize that I no longer actually have any issues. I had previously been so allied with a lifetime of issues and emotional reactions that I had created a norm or an "Identity" for me based on these pathologies. Gone! I'm afraid I now have a norm of quiet (yes it's quiet in here!) happiness and peace and you can see it upon my face. Also gone is the unclean, unenlightened cesspool of judgment.      

Consequently I do not bring up the emotional refuse of others but rather present a calm interested face both compassionate and warm, the underlying motivation being my love of all life forms,  including the most challenging human! It is hard for me to believe how people now react to me after a lifetime of abuse. I am now the person I have always wanted to be but really I can now be who I actually am!    

I cannot find the words to express my gratitude. Can you imagine moving through life bringing the positive forward, a loving compassionate nurturing presence always doing some good for the world around one even if only a tiny modicum?

So old emotional reactions, triggers from the past, and illnesses come up and quickly fizzle out like a wick that suddenly stops.      

What am I left with at that point?  I am left with the now, my inner space, quietude, peace, a deep preverbal connection with the universe and the ether and my boundless creativity as it spontaneously occurs.

I have been given the greatest gift I can imagine and my heart is filled with love and gratitude and a hope all might take this opportunity to perfect their exploration, perfect happiness through sharing and help show mother earth how we love her and how we may bring grace with our presence here with every action from now on. It's a new Earth.”      

- Lawrence Pitchko, Pianist and Pedagogue - Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

“Life is great! Since receiving the Unity Bubble, the biggest change I have noticed is that things don't seem to bother me the way they did before.    

I used to hang on to things and now I find that I can identify with the issue/emotion and just move on.  It's the most liberating feeling that things just flow and they don't irritate me the way they used to.    

I received by Unity Bubble over 3 months ago now and I'll be honest, I've never really known that it was there. But I do notice how my life has changed. Things are clearer now. If something comes up, I think about it and work through it and then the answer just comes.    

Before I would second guess all my decisions asking everyone for their opinions, just in case there was another choice that I may not have thought about.    

Now, when the answer comes, I know it's the right one and I feel confident in my decision.  What a relief! I can now make decisions about my own life and know that they are the right ones for me. It's so nice to have that confidence in yourself. If you don't have your bubble yet - GET IT! You'll never look back.    

It is the most life changing thing you'll ever do so stop waiting and do it! What do you have to lose?    

Thank you Jonathan and Hazel for doing the work you do! It's an amazing gift that I hope everyone gets to enjoy one day.”

- Tracy, Sydney, Australia    

“Happy 2010. I love writing the New Year, there's a sense of a new era dawning, and I'm part of it. It's been a blessing that we should meet, and meet at a very important juncture in my life. I don't pretend that I see, hear, or feel the presence of the bubble. In fact, I'm quite unaware of it.    

What I do know, is that the density surrounding specific issues and in my immediate environment have changed and continue to change, as I change.    

As a result things have come and gone from my life, replaced with better things, people and circumstances. I'm healthier, happier and my pets and plants are healthier, too. It wasn't by chance that transformation occurred, there were no short cuts.  The bubble provided the space and opportunity to work through those changes safely and with greater ease than without.  I have greater self-awareness, of who I am, which is to say who I am not.  I am living an unbounded life, presented with many new possibilities.   

Jonathan and Hazel have offered a unique gift equivalent to a vision quest and the greater gift of going through it in the comfort of my own surroundings. How great is that?”   

- Anon, Creemore, Canada    

“I have a story.....  We were flying out to British Columbia the week before Christmas and when we were about an hour away -- I happened to glance at the window and there at the bottom -- fashioned out of the frost on the window -- was the Unity Bubble!! I recognized it immediately - just like your logo but sparkly as it was made out of frost!! It spoke to me.... and said --  you are complete!  I could feel its essence surround me -- both as a separate entity and as the complete entity of myself. Kinda hard to explain but you know what I mean.

It then showed me what was above it on the window ... galaxies of stars in the cosmos leading up (a beautiful configuration of frost on the window). I was taken completely away and up into those stars as if they were showing me the future, it was a strong supportive and encompassing feeling.

I spent about an hour playing in the Energy ------- mmm-mmm ... wonder what others do on airplanes.”     

- Bev, Brampton, Ontario.    

“I have had the Unity Bubble for several months now and am still discovering things about myself that have changed since receiving it.    

When I first received it, I immediately got an image of what it looks like. It is very beautiful but much more substantial and translucent than the original Bubble.    

It pulsates and moves around me and through me and becomes a part of every cell of my body.  It feels like a safe, warm, loving, friend, lover, caretaker, guardian, constant and welcome companion. Noticing the changes the Bubble has brought has been subtle.    

I am usually unaware of them until a circumstance arises which would normally provoke negative emotional responses or reactions from me.    

For the first couple of months after receiving the Bubble, it took a while for me to realize that I would begin to become emotional but almost immediately I could see the situation from a Universal point of view instead of an emotional, egotistical point of view and respond appropriately.    

Now I find that these same provocations do not cause any response in me. I can simply sit back and see the situation for what it is with no ego attached.    

I have an almost constant feeling of serenity and peacefulness now, which is heaven.    

One of the biggest changes I find for myself is trust. Always in my life before I found it impossible to trust anything or anyone and always felt like I was living life on the edge of a cliff; one wrong move and disaster would strike.    

Now I have such blissful peace and serenity, feeling secure in my Bubble, knowing and feeling it as my loving companion.    

I can sit back and let my Universe unfold as it's meant to. What a huge relief. My health has improved, my outlook on life has improved, and I find people are drawn to me more now. It's amazing to watch the changes that take place in my relationships with friends and family.    

People seem more drawn to me and much more loving and helpful. And  I no longer feel the need to look for love from other people,  I have all the loving feelings I need surrounding me and encompassing me in my Bubble. I continue to become aware of other qualities and changes that the Bubble has brought me and I'm sure it will take the rest of my life to realize all that it can and has done for me. I am eternally grateful for having met Jonathan and Hazel and shall be forever grateful that these two wonderful people have worked so hard to bring the Unity Bubble to us.”   

- Jan, Vancouver Island, B.C.    

“How has the Unity Bubble changed my life? Wow - where do I start?    

About three years ago I realized that the autopilot life I was living was no longer working for me. I was frustrated with how my life was going and I had a feeling there was more to life then I was living. My journey over the last few years has been exhilarating. I was like a sponge reading books by today's most spiritual leaders and connecting with some of the most amazing life coaches. The most important lesson I learnt was that the answers that we are all looking for are not "out there" but can only be found within ourselves. That there are no "Guru's" or "Experts" who can tell you how to live a life that will provide you with purpose and happiness.    

The only expert or guru for your life - is you. Just as no two snowflakes are alike, neither are we. Although we are all human - no two humans are alike.    

The human part of us along with our souls have all had unique life experiences and desires, so how can someone else truly know what will make you happy?    

They can provide you with the tools to access that part of you, that knows your truth, but they cannot give you the answers. That is your journey.    

I found that we ALL long and desire to have the most basic questions answered. It doesn't matter who you are - rich or poor, "celebrity" or common folk, Christian or not, man or woman - we all have a yearning to know "why am I here?" and "who am I really?" Those questions left unanswered leaves a void within, that haunts us - whether we are consciously aware of it or not.    

In order to keep the empty feeling at bay, we find ourselves on a tirelessly endless journey of trying to fill it with "stuff".    

Whether the stuff is attaining a certain social class or at least looking as though we have reached it with the big home, the most expensive car, the designer clothes, the amount of money we make, and the "who we know" in the most important social circles, etc. we still find ourselves looking in the mirror and facing down the "aching void" that reveals itself, if only for a moment. It's that ache that continues to endlessly drive us to "search in all the wrong places".    

Although I had become aware of all of the above and made a conscious effort to discover why I was here and who I really was, I still found the journey to be a struggle rather than effortless. Although I knew in my head what I was supposed to do and understood all that I read and all that I was taught,    

I found it hard to implement and live "it" from my heart.    

As the saying goes, "when the student is ready the teacher appears". I was introduced to Jonathan and Hazel and in October 2009 I received the gift of the Unity Bubble. Although I could not feel or see the bubble, I knew it was there as a result of the changes I began to see in my life.    

While living my day to day life, "stuff" would come up for me as it always had before the bubble. Sometimes it was a limiting belief like "you can't do that -   who do you think you are to believe you could?" or maybe I would be upset with a loved one and it would bring up a long time held resentment in the relationship.    

But I would find that either in that moment, later in the day or even a few days later I could feel that I had released the belief or feeling and if the thought or memory came up again, it didn't have the "charge" it did before.  It was like "Huh, yes I do remember that thought/conversation but it doesn't bother me now.    

Interesting! Great! Now I can strike that "issue" off my list. Next issue please."    

Now that it's been three months and I've completed the Bubble process I feel a deep sense of contentment, gratitude, genuine happiness and a knowing that I am always safe - no matter what life throws at me. I live my life "in the now" and no longer have regrets about my past or anxiety over the future.    

I no longer feel a need "to know" or plan my future. I know, at the core, that all of it is being taken care of for me and that everything I need to know will be revealed to me in the perfect time, space and sequence.    

More importantly - the knowing comes from my heart/soul and not my head. I no longer have to spend my time and energy struggling to consciously live the life I was meant to live.  Each day it just unfolds like Dorothy's magical yellow brick road and I follow it without doubt, fear or effort.    

I no longer feel the need to have the fancy car, the bigger house and bank account. For me I realize that there's great beauty and comfort in just the simplicity of my life. I am "one" with my soul now and no amount of money or status can ever replace what I have. My true desire now is to "experience" life.    

My relationship with my husband is effortless.  My love for him and my children is beyond endless. It reminds me of the scene from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas where the Grinch receives the true spirit of Christmas and we watch as his heart grows tenfold. That is my life with my family now.    

It's as though I'm connected to their essence and really see them for the first time.    

I too have strangers strike up conversations with me and have found myself in a store for only 20 minutes and had three separate sales people approach and ask if I need help only to end up spending 15 of those 20 minutes in conversation with each of them about life.    

Our city is not known for the best customer service - heck you'd be lucky to even find one sales person for help and yet they are drawn to me like a moth to light. I always find myself giggling as I leave a store.    

It's true when Jonathan, Hazel and other participants say that there are no words to truly describe how the bubble changes your life.    

We could spend a novel's worth of time and space trying to describe it and still never do it justice.  There is no other feeling greater than the love, gratitude and contentment that the Unity Bubble will encompass you with.    

The Unity Bubble will finally allow you to fill the endless void that you feel and allow you to discover who you really are.    

And until you truly connect with who you really are, you will never truly be happy. So if you find yourself on the fence as to whether to invest in receiving the bubble - take a leap of faith and open yourself to the endless possibilities that the Unity Bubble will not only reveal to you, but be with you every step of the way as you manifest each and every one of those possibilities into your life. What do you have to lose?    

You truly can live your life through rose coloured glasses.    

- Sonya Vicars, Markham, Ontario, Canada     

“I chose to include this picture with my testimonial, as I feel it best represents my new state of mind: A butterfly coming into its own amidst a rainbow of bubbles and a luminescence that only can be felt when totally at peace with the Universe.  To me the butterfly represents a new beginning; the small white one being a brand new canvas learning to fly into the new found light and growing with every stroke of its wings while brushing and soaking the palette of infinite shades and nuances to shine like a rainbow in the sky and becoming united with a force that is greater than us.  That is how I have been feeling since I have received my "Unity Bubble".  

I could go on and on and tell you my Life Story and share with you as to why I was feeling sorrow and despair, melancholy and loneliness, rejection and abandonment etc... But why tell you my story when you already know your own.    

The most amazing experience has happened to me approximately six weeks after receiving my "Unity Bubble". While I was visiting a friend, I almost fell to the ground while walking up the stairs, and although I was aware that my brain was shutting down completely there is nothing I could do about it, I thought that this was it, I must be having an aneurysm and I am going to die, but the most amazing unimaginable and wonderful experience happened to me, it was like being in a Matrix; I felt my whole brain re-engaged, just before my body collapsed on the floor as a ragged doll. I actually felt and heard a sound very similar as to when we turn on our computers, like a re-boot, and came back to my senses with a feeling of renewal, a new surge of power; it is so surreal that it is hard to describe, but what I can attest to is that my life has not been the same ever since.  I have found an internal peace that I never thought existed in this dimension.    

Believe me I was just as skeptical as the next person, but my feelings of sorrow and despair, melancholy and loneliness, rejection and abandonment etc...were so great that I would have done the unthinkable, just anything beyond belief to extinct these feelings forever...and I did...I was Bubbled...and like a butterfly, I have come out of my cocoon and  I now embrace my new found light and shine like a magnificent rainbow amidst the Universe.    

- Coco, North Bay, Ontario (2010)