please listen to our Unity Bubble Collective meditation - Collective Meditation

What will my Bubble journey be like?


It is a very personal journey. Symbolically it can be compared to walking down an actual path, the intended destination being self knowledge and awareness. On the path you may see trees and flowers whereas another would see rocks and animals. The experiences will be determined by your soul experiences or lessons.

The first step of the journey is to receive your Unity Bubble. This will bring to your attention the major blockages stopping your forward motion. Your life will show you what’s not working and with the energy of your Bubble, you can make many decisions whether to keep a particular way of being or let it go. The more you engage in the process, the faster and more effective will be your progress. You may need help to sort out the wheat from the chaff and that support is readily available.

If after a length of time, usually a couple of months, you decide to go deeper and uncover more of your true nature, the Protocols will lead you to know and understand yourself and your patterns even better. The 7 Protocols and their energetics act as catalysts to dig down and deep dive leading you to move from surviving to thriving. These are given in order, one by one, as you feel ready.

You become your own guru and your life becomes effortless. It’s a wonderful way to be!



Our purpose in coming together was to find a simple solution to negativity and misalignment and to assist in the development of a process that would end imposed suffering, starting at the human level.


As the Unity Bubble dissolves negative alignment, trapped energy is released. Life begins to flow, energy is renewed and deep, profound feelings re-appear along with a deeper sense of peace. All sense of angst is eliminated.


Receiving a Unity Bubble is very simple... similar to downloading a program for your computer. The transmission is always done in real time and can be transmitted anywhere in the world. Transmissions of this nature are beyond reality as we view it here. Physical proximity is unnecessary.